What to 'Cook Tonight'?

Welcome, I am a typical healthy 40 year old person that for 10 years has struggled with weight and now its time share my recent weight loss success with you, I have created some pages of my progress as well a 7 day meal plan menu to follow and also foods that I bought for that week.

I have tried almost every diet and exercise routine and have never got to the point of satisfaction in terms of feeling that I have achieved something where I am confident I have it under control, but I have now.

A few facts that I learnt and that is 'Calories in' must be less that 'Calories Out' to successfully loose weight and 1lb of fat equates to 3500 calories.

Easier said than done but I think we have finally have cracked it, we eat really well and I don't spend my time preparing food and without spending hours in the gym, click through and read about Weight Loss - Start

**If you have any kind of medical issues then then consult doctor should you want to try what I am doing.